Instructor's hands guiding a student's hands in the pursuit of perfect form

College of Chiropractic

Pursue Perfect Form. Passionately.

For nearly a century, New York Chiropractic College has been educating chiropractors to join the ranks of the best doctors in the world. A passion for health and real-world experience is our way of life. It’s apparent in our dedicated faculty, interactive classrooms, and the unique clinical experiences and clerkships available to each chiropractic student. This is the NYCC difference.

As a student in the College of Chiropractic, you will obtain real and practical training in a variety of settings β€” from the Campus Health Center for faculty, staff and students to one of NYCC's outpatient health centers located across New York state. Broaden your hands-on training with assigned rotations at locations such as Veterans Administration medical centers, college/university health centers, clinics providing care for underserved populations, or sporting events. Pursue competitive and rewarding postgraduate work by applying for one of our paid postdoctoral residency programs: the Master of Science in Diagnostic Imaging or the Master of Science in Clinical Anatomy.

You will be exposed to the latest evidence-informed and clinically relevant chiropractic concepts, prepared to meet the needs of every patient β€” with pride, passion, and confidence.