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2020 Program

Schedule of Events



Speaker: Veronica Mittak, DHEd (2 CE) (CAT 1)
Title: Documentation of Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Practice

Speaker: Michael Zumpano, PhD, DC & Christine Foss, DC, MD, MS.Ed., ATC, DACBSP, ICCSP (2 CE/PDA)
Title: Gross Dissection and Assessment of Upper Extremity Athletic Injuries


Speaker: Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC (sponsored: NCMIC) (2 CE) (CAT 1)
Title: Manage Your Risk in Medicare, Coding and Billing

Speaker: Michael Zumpano, PhD, DC & Christine Foss, DC, MD, MS.Ed., ATC, DACBSP, ICCSP (2 CE/PDA)
Title: Gross Dissection and Assessment of Lower Extremity Athletic Injuries

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 19, 2020


Dr. Michael Mestan President’s Welcome
Keynote Speaker: John P. Rosa, DC (2 CE)

Title: Chiropractic Care of the Patient with Chronic Pain Syndromes: The Opioid Crisis - A Chiropractors' Perspective

Speaker: Colleen O'Neill, LAc, MAc, BS, BA (2 PDA) (AOM)
Title: Treating Mental Health with East Asian Medicine – Part 1 of 12 hour course


Speaker: Thomas R. Ventimiglia, DC, FACC (sponsored by: NCMIC) (2 CE) (CAT 1)
Title: Patient Communication, Cultural Consciousness and Social Justice Go Hand in Hand

Speaker: David I. Graber, DC, DACBSP (2 CE)
Title: Dynamic Adjusting Approaches to the Sacro-iliac, Pelvis, and Hip Joints

Speaker: Kristina L. Petrocco-Napuli, DC, MS (sponsored by: NCMIC)(2 CE)
Title: Female Adolescent Health: The Impact of Pain and Society

Speaker: Colleen O'Neill, LAc, MAc, BS, BA (2 PDA) (AOM)
Title: Treating Mental Health with East Asian Medicine – Part 2 of 12 hour course




Speaker: Stephen Perle, DC, MS (sponsored by: NCMIC) (2 CE)(CAT 1)
Title: Avoiding the Appearance of Insurance Fraud

Speaker: Manuel Duarte, DC, DACBSP, DABCO, CSCS (sponsored by: Foot Levelers) (2 CE)
Title: Rehabilitation of the Throwing Athlete

Speaker: David Hogsed, DOM, AP (sponsored by: Standard Process) (2 CE)
Title: The Top 5 Nutritional Foundations for the Chiropractic Practice

Speaker: Colleen O'Neill, LAc, MAc, BS, BA (2 PDA) (AOM)
Title: Treating Mental Health with East Asian Medicine – Part 3 of 12 hour course

Sunday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2020


Speaker: Stephen Perle, DC, MS (sponsored by: NCMIC) (2 CE)(CAT 1)
Title: Risk Management – Understanding Malpractice to Avoid It

Speaker: Jeana L. Voorhies, DC (2 CE)
Title: Special Technique Considerations for the Pregnant Patient

Speaker: Mary E. Balliett, DC, MSACN (Sponsored by: NYSCA) (2 CE)
Title: More than a Feeling: Food and Mood

Speaker: Colleen O'Neill, LAc, MAc, BS, BA (2 PDA) (AOM)
Title: Treating Mental Health with East Asian Medicine – Part 4 of 12 hour course


Speaker: Stephen Perle, DC, MS (sponsored by: NCMIC) (2 CE)(CAT 1)
Title: Medical Necessity in Medicare Documentation: How to Avoid Common Documentation Errors

Speaker: Jonathan Lesch, DC (2 CE)
Title: Mastering the Disc in Neck and Lower Back Pain

Speaker: Chad Warshel, DC, DACBR (2 CE)
Title: Read-out with a Radiologist: How to Approach Sports Injury MRI

Speaker: Colleen O'Neill, LAc, MAc, BS, BA (2 PDA) (AOM)
Title: Treating Mental Health with East Asian Medicine – Part 5 of 12 hour course





Speaker: Stephen Perle, DC, MS (Sponsored by: NCMIC) (2 CE) (CAT 1)
Title: Clinical Documentation

Speaker: David I. Graber, DC, DACBSP (2 CE)
Title: Dynamic Adjusting Approaches to the Shoulder and Upper Quarter

Speaker: Rick Rosa, DC, DAAPM, CCSP (2 CE)
Title: Recovery & Sports

Speaker: Colleen O'Neill, LAc, MAc, BS, BA (2 PDA) (AOM)
Title: Treating Mental Health with East Asian Medicine – Part 6 of 12 hour course

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Speaker Lineup

Dr. John Rosa, Keynote Speaker

Dr. John Rosa owns and supervises Accessible Beltway Clinics, which is comprised of 17 clinics in Maryland and Virginia, combining medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and behavioral medicine to give a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to pain syndromes and musculoskeletal disorders. Active in sports medicine with consulting/treating college, professional and Olympic athletes. Creator of 24/7 RnR, an FDA approved analgesic cream; a proprietary blend of the most potent materials resulting in the most effective product on the market for pain Relief and aiding Recovery. Founder of Accessible Wellness Solutions -- an onsite corporate wellness program offering consulting, lectures and management of onsite clinics.

Leader in Chiropractic Trustee of New York Chiropractic College for over 15 years serving final 3-year term as Chairman of the Board and given the honor or Board Emeritus post service. Awarded the highest recognitions in Chiropractic Medicine as Fellow of the American Chiropractic Colleges and Fellow of the International Chiropractic Colleges.

Integrative Medicine Specialist:

  • Board service to Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Consultant on Integrative Medicine to hospital cancer center
  • Reduced opioid prescriptions by 70% by integrating Chiropractic, physical therapy and behavioral medicine in a primary care setting
  • Expert/Speaker -- Educating medical community on the Integrative Medicine approach to treating pain

Dr. Mary Balliett

Mary Balliett, D.C. '88, MS '08, is a full-time professor in the Department of Basic Sciences at New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Balliett has been teaching at NYCC for the last 25 years, first on a part-time basis and then full-time beginning in 2006, and is the former acting dean of NYCC's School of Applied Clinical Nutrition. Currently, she teaches courses in biochemistry, cell physiology, and systems physiology in the Doctor of Chiropractic program, and pharmacology in the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program. Dr. Balliett is also active in the Research Department, conducting multiple research protocols in nutrition, acting as the clinician on trials with the other members of the department, and supervising student-led research projects. She won the NYCC Faculty Excellence Award in Research and Scholarly activity in 2012. Dr. Balliett is dedicated to the chiropractic profession, serving as a member of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Part 1 Test Writing Committee for chemistry since 2015. She is a member of the New York State Chiropractic Association.
A practicing chiropractor for 31 years, Dr. Balliett also treats patients as a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist one day per week in Ithaca, New York. She received a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in biochemistry from Cornell University in 1976, graduated magna cum laude from the D.C. program at New York Chiropractic College in 1988, and with honors from the M.S. in Applied Clinical Nutrition program in 2008.

Dr. Manuel Duarte

If you want to help your patients achieve lasting recovery from their low back pain, this seminar with Dr. Duarte is for you. Discover a comprehensive rehabilitation program for low back stabilization with four stages, from beginning to advanced. See for yourself how individually designed functional orthotics and rehabilitative exercises can help low back problems.

Dr. Christine Foss

Dr. Christine Foss has a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine from Old Dominion University, a Doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Health Sciences.

She has had many experiences treating and rehabilitating athletes as well as non-athletes. Co-owning and establishing Advanced Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Center as well as Kid's Therapy Center has been a passion. She worked in the Sports Medicine Department at the University of Notre Dame as well as volunteering at the Olympic Training Camp in Colorado Springs. She has worked alongside prominent surgeons in the care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

Dr. Foss is licensed in chiropractic in New Jersey, New York and Florida. She is a member of the New Jersey Chiropractic Association, the American Chiropractic Association as well as the National Athletic Training Association. Although Dr Foss holds a medical degree, her interests in holistic healthcare have kept her practicing solely as a chiropractor at this time.

Dr. Foss finds special interest in difficult cases and those patients who have had little success with conventional care.

Dr. David Graber

Dr. David Graber is a diplomat of the American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians and the 2012 Chiropractor of the Year for the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors (ANJC). He has developed and taught over 25 courses on spinal and extremity adjusting techniques, low tech rehabilitation, the science of manipulation and manual care, and other topics. He is the chairman of the ANJC Council on Technique and Clinical Excellence.

Dr. Graber is in private practice in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Dr. David Hogsed

Dr. David Hogsed, is in full-time practice with his father, James Hogsed, D.C., at the Natural Healthcare Professionals clinic in Fort Myers, Florida. His practice specializes in providing effective nutritional support for endocrine, digestion, musculoskeletal, and immune system health.

Dr. Hogsed has taught postgraduate programs through Texas Chiropractic College, Logan Chiropractic College, the University of Miami-Miller School of Medicine, Palmer Chiropractic College, Life University, and Northwestern Chiropractic College. He has served as a clinical consultant and seminar speaker for Standard Process since 2003 and is currently a postgraduate faculty member of Texas Chiropractic College. These inspiring nutrition seminars focus on giving healthcare professionals the tools they need to successfully integrate nutrition into practice.

Dr. Jonathan Lesch

Dr. Lesch has the distinction of being certified in both McKenzie Therapy and Mulligan Therapy, and with his unique background, has been able to streamline some of the best techniques of the chiropractic, physical therapy and athletic training professions to form a simple and effective protocol for managing the evaluation and treatment of cervical and lumbar intervertebral disc disorders.

The clinical reasoning and manual therapy skills taught in this course are guided by responses to end-range loading strategies. Multiple baselines and guidelines such as range of motion, the centralization phenomenon, pain-free mobilizations with movement, and others will be used during the examination procedures to eliminate uncertainty and arrive at a structural specific diagnosis that leads to rational and extremely effective treatment approaches. Dr. Lesch will teach doctors how to apply these same straightforward principles to common EXTREMITY problems as well. Upon completion of this course, doctors will have a new set of diagnostic and treatment skills that can be applied Monday morning with an expectation for immediate and dramatic results with every new patient.

Ms. Kathy Mills Chang

Since 1983, Kathy Mills Chang has been providing Chiropractors with hands-on training, advice and tools to improve the financial performance of their practices. Kathy is a Certified Medical Compliance Specialist (MCS-P) and is one of fewer than 100 certified in the chiropractic profession. Now celebrating her 31st year in chiropractic, Kathy is not only a well-known and sought-after speaker, but has served in National and State level Chiropractic Organizations, sits on diverse boards and advisory councils related to the profession, and is frequently invited to address Chiropractors in important conferences and seminars around the country.

In 2007, Kathy Mills Chang, Inc. was created to help chiropractors make and keep more money. As THE chiropractic reimbursement and compliance specialists, their training arm, KMC University, effectively analyzes and enhances the financial performance of Chiropractic practices. Specializing in coding, documentation, insurance, patient financial procedures, Medicare and compliance, Kathy leads a team of 17 to deliver these solutions to the profession, both personally and virtually... making the implementation quick and cost-effective. You can find out more about KMC University at

Dr. Veronica Mittak

Dr. Veronica Mittak began her career as a bench scientist involved with cell and tissue culturing of plants and animals in both the industrial and university sectors. She later became involved with transgenics and microbiology after returning to Upstate NY from the Midwest. She has published in several journals and holds a patent involving the use of monoclonal and transgenic technologies in viticulture. She began her career at NYCC as a research technician 22 years ago and realized she had found her home. She decided to formalize her career path and earned her Master's degree in Public Health and later her doctorate in Health Education from AT Still University. She became an instructor in the microbiology labs and now leads the Clinical Microbiology and Public Health and Wellness courses. She recently earned another Master's degree in Forensic Psychology with an emphasis upon addiction.

Ms. Colleen O'Neill

Ms Colleen O'Neill is an acupuncture practitioner with over 19 years experience. She has studied Traditional Chinese and Japanese styles including traditional meridian therapy, Kiiko style, non-insertive styles of Hari and Shakuju, and shonishin, a non-insertive pediatric acupuncture therapy. She may also incorporate Zheng Gu Tui Na, a form of Chinese medical massage, into her treatments. Colleen received her Master of Acupuncture degree from the New England School of Acupuncture. Upon graduation she was the recipient of the Tsay Fellowship, a distinguished award for Excellence in Acupuncture. Colleen has continued to study under various masters of acupuncture both in the United States and in Japan. Additionally, she has completed clinical training at Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the People's Republic of China.

Colleen has served as a chairperson to teams performing accreditation site visits for the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In this role she worked with various acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) institutions with the goal of enhancing the quality of AOM education. Colleen has served as the AOM Clinic Director and full time Associate Professor at the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine of New York Chiropractic College, providing coordination and oversight of all aspects of clinical education, while acting as a supervising clinician and teaching classes in Integrative Medical Practices, Clinical Skills, Advanced Clinical Skills, as well as Physics. Prior to that, she was the Student Affairs Coordinator and a Teaching Assistant at the New England School of Acupuncture.

Dr. Stephen M. Perle

Dr. Stephen M. Perle's unique background and diverse areas of expertise provide an interesting and well-rounded risk management presentation. His energetic style, coupled with his sense of humor, make topics like ethics and evidence-based practice practical and easily relatable for your doctors.

Dr. Stephen M. Perle holds a tenured appointment as a professor of clinical sciences with the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and is an adjunct associate professor, School of Chiropractic and Sports Science, Murdoch University, Australia. Prior to his 1991 appointment to the faculty of UBCC he practiced in New York City, specializing in sports chiropractic.

A 1983 graduate of the Texas Chiropractic College, Dr. Perle earned his M.S. in Exercise Sciences from Southern Connecticut State University in 2002, with a thesis on the effects of ankle manipulation. His research interests include human performance effects of manipulation of the extremities, biomechanics of manipulation, measurement of therapeutic 'dosage' of manipulation and comparative evaluation of chiropractic treatment methods.

Dr. Perle lectures extensively on a variety of topics, has been published in a variety of peer reviewed publications and has contributed half a dozen textbook chapters. Currently Dr. Perle is the ethics columnist for Dynamic Chiropractic and ACA News, and he is also an associate editor for Chiropractic and Manual Therapies.

Dr. Kristina L. Petrocco-Napuli

Dr. Petrocco-Napuli graduated from the University of Arizona with her degree in Physiological Sciences and later with her Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College. Following graduation from Chiropractic College, she opened a practice in New York and shortly after began her Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Technique at New York Chiropractic College. During this time, she also achieved a Masters degree in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation from Syracuse University. As an active member of the ACA, she is currently serving as the president for the Women's Health Council. She is also a professor and the Director for Assessment and Accreditation at Logan University and adjunct faculty of New York Chiropractic College. She has been actively involved in research related to pelvic pain in females and has authored both clinical and educational articles on this topic and others. Her practice and research focus include chronic pain in the female population, lower extremity amputees and gait, and integrative collaborative practice.

For many years Dr.Petrocco-Napuli has focused on the integration of practitioners in the patient-centered model of care and evaluating methods of effectively working on a team of healthcare professionals. This interest began many years ago while on an internship at the Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital Chiropractic Clinic and has been reinforced by her involvement on multiple grant projects regarding the training of healthcare providers in inter-collaborative care.

As an educator on a variety of topics related to chiropractic practice and enjoys meeting practitioners from around the world.

Dr. Rick Rosa

A member of the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council, Dr. Rick Rosa received his Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College in 1996 and was hired as a teacher at the college thereafter. In 1996, he began practicing in a multidisciplinary setting, allowing him to experience various approaches to health care as well as treat all sorts of acute injury and pain syndromes. He is still a member of the postgraduate faculty at New York Chiropractic College and has lectured extensively on many topics and presently teaches other doctors about recovery in Sports.

He uses many active and passive soft tissue techniques and is certified in Graston Techinque. In addition, due to his extensive work in pro cycling Dr. Rosa has trained at the famed Serotta International Cycling Institute under Paraic McGlynn in the use of Dartfish motion analysis for bike fits.

Dr. Rosa is pioneering research in the use of Dartfish, a high definition video motion analysis system to evaluate athletes from a movement assessment perspective to find and correct various muscle and joint injuries. He is also trained in the use of muskulosketal ultrasound that he utilizes in his Virginia locations.

Dr. Thomas R. Ventimiglia

Dr Thomas R. Ventimiglia is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College, Class of 1980. Upon graduation he established a private family practice, where for the past 39 years he has served the residents of Queens, NY.

He joined the NYCC faculty in 1986 as a Clinical Instructor and recently retired from the College as Dean of the Postgraduate and Continuing Education Department. Dr. Ventimiglia has lectured for the College's postgraduate department at such distinguished venues as Harvard Medical School's Divisions of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Albert Einstein's College of Medicine.

Dr. Ventimiglia's service to the profession includes past president of the New York State Chiropractic Association, Queens District, President of the Northeast Council on Chiropractic, and Chairman of the Association of Chiropractic College's Subcommittee on Postgraduate and Continuing Education. In his service to our country, he received the US Army's Distinguished Service Award for his service during the Vietnam Conflict: 1968-1970.

Dr. Jeana L. Voorhies

Dr. Jeana Voorhies is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College ('01), where she is currently an Assistant Professor. Upon finishing her chiropractic degree, she moved to Ohio and founded Voorhies Family Chiropractic Clinic with her husband. There, Dr. Voorhies treated a wide variety of patients from young children, to their mothers, as well as establishing a satellite office in the heart of a large Mennonite and Amish community. She practiced in Ohio for over ten years before returning back to the NYCC community to teach.

She can be found leading the newest students of the chiropractic curriculum, teaching them to identify anatomical structures through their palpation skills. She also leads a class on Human Development and runs electives focusing on pregnant and postpartum women.

Dr. Chad Warshel

Dr. Chad Warshel is a Professor at the Seneca Falls campus of NYCC. He teaches radiology in the DC program, maintains a radiology reading practice via NYCC Diagnostic Imaging, and is also the Director of the Masters of Science in Diagnostic Imaging. He earned his DC degree in 1997, and completed his 3 year diagnostic imaging residency in 2001, both at Western States Chiropractic College (now UWS). After maintaining a dual clinical/radiology practice along with extensive post-graduate teaching in central California for 7 years, Dr. Warshel transitioned to full time educator at NYCC in 2008. Desiring to further his knowledge as an evidence based educator, he earned a Master's degree in Health Professions Education at the University of Rochester in 2019. An automotive machinist before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Warshel keeps busy with hands-on projects in his home shop.

Dr. Michael Zumpano

In addition to being a licensed chiropractor and an international expert in human anatomy, Dr. Zumpano first earned his Ph.D. in anthropology. He is an expert in human culture and variation and trained in holistic system analysis. This means that he is able to analyze and reveal not only the physical cause of pain, but also the psychosocial components.

As a professor at New York Chiropractic College For more than 20 years, he is always current in the new chiropractic techniques, and will always be current and up-to-date in human anatomy and biomechanics. He also coordinates the Anatomical Gift Program (whole body donation) at the college and is a member of the NYS Regents State Board of Chiropractic.

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