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NYCC Welcomes New Students, Marks One Month of In-Person Learning

September 10, 2020 New York Chiropractic College
NYCC students walking around campus wearing masks

On Sept. 9, 2020, New York Chiropractic College welcomed new Doctor of Chiropractic students to its Seneca Falls, N.Y. campus as they began their first trimester of in-person learning. On the same day, new and returning students of the Applied Clinical Nutrition and Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction master's degree programs began their coursework 100% online.

NYCC Enters Week 5 of On-Campus Fall Term

The incoming Doctor of Chiropractic class joined returning D.C. students who have been on campus for hands-on coursework since earlier this summer. Select classes of students returned to campus in late June, finishing previously incomplete coursework from spring, and all returning students resumed in-person study as of August 11.

NYCC has had no reported on-campus cases of COVID-19.

NYCC President Dr. Michael Mestan credits this success to the commitment of the College community in following the NYCC Reopening Safety Plan to help ensure the safety and health of fellow students, faculty and staff. "By adhering closely to New York State guidelines, the College was able to put together a strong and comprehensive plan to both reopen our College facilities as safe as possible and also keep our students on their academic track to becoming successful healthcare professionals," Mestan said. "Our community has stayed vigilant, making the necessary adjustments to make our reopening and return to in-person learning a success. I commend and sincerely thank our entire community for their ongoing work."

Steps to Safely Reopening NYCC

NYCC students in the fitness center practicing hands-on training

Since the beginning of the pandemic, NYCC has worked closely with public health experts and professionals across the College to create its reopening plan and make necessary adjustments as new information and guidelines become available. Some of the modifications made throughout campus include physically-distanced lab spaces, the need for required face coverings and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and limiting the number of students and staff sharing space on campus during the pandemic.

NYCC is also providing classes online whenever possible, complementing the hands-on instruction NYCC's Chiropractic students require.

The College has adopted an adjusted schedule to proactively prepare for a potential COVID-19 resurgence later this fall. The schedule includes an early start to the Fall 2020 D.C. curriculum, allowing existing students to continue their studies and stay on track. Doctor of Chiropractic students will complete their in-person, on-campus work in October and then transition to fully remote/online coursework for the remainder of the trimester.

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