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All in a Day’s Work: Suellen Christopoulos-Nutting Loves Many Roles at Northeast

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Dr. Suellen Christopoulos-Nutting headshot
Northeast's Director of Educational Effectiveness and Compliance Dr. Suellen Christopoulos-Nutting received her doctorate in education in 2020 and says "The College is very special to me. I look forward to the many years I have at the college" 

Meet Dr. Suellen Christopoulos-Nutting
Associate Librarian (2012 – Jan. 2021)
Director of Educational Effectiveness and Compliance (as of Jan. 2021)

From arranging displays of human bones and skeletons to creating and maintaining an electronic version of Northeast’s College library, projects varied for Suellen Christopoulos-Nutting, MLS, Ed.D. when she was the Associate Librarian. Her day-to-day work duties were more like minute-to-minute -- and that's how she likes it.

That may have something to do with the fact that she was also the media and digital resources librarian and associate librarian. Christopoulos-Nutting ensured all College library resources -- from databases to electronic journals -- are accessible from both on- and off-campus. No small feat when talking about nearly 40 databases and more than 200 journals, plus all other electronic resources!

Now the Director of Educational Effectiveness and Compliance Christopoulos-Nutting has taken on a new role within the Institutional Advancement division. She is also the mastermind behind many of the displays and exhibits across campus, including the President Wall (located in the library.) As Northeast museum curator, Christopoulos-Nutting is in charge of preserving this important Northeast heritage.

On top of all this, as the instructor of the Fundamentals of Chiropractic Research Literacy course (PHL 6308), she also helps students develop their knowledge on chiropractic topics by teaching them to find scholarly sources to support their research. "I'm one of the lucky ones. I really love all that I do, and I love that not two days are the same," Christopoulos-Nutting said.

A #NortheastBlue Love Story

Christopoulos-Nutting celebrated her 9th anniversary with the College during the summer of 2020. "And like all love stories, I can't pinpoint why it works. I feel that I just fit here at Northeast. I have never felt so cared for both personally and professionally," she said. 

A first-generation Greek American and second-generation Italian American, Christopoulos-Nutting also wears multiple hats at home. She has been married for 11 years and is a mother of three. Her 7-year-old daughter and 2-year-old twins (a girl and a boy) keep her running minute-to-minute at home, too!

Northeast's Librarian Suellen Christopoulos-Nutting 
on What it Means to be #NortheastBlue

From the moment I came to campus for my interview, I knew this place was special and I wanted to be part of the community. I have worked in various places through my professional career and I have found that Northeast is one of the only places that practices what it teaches. This means that Northeast teaches our students health and wellness, and it applies those principles and ideals to its whole community.

The students are special and they want to make a difference in this world; they exude this positivity and that is infectious. The same for the faculty and staff. Wellness, care, health, both mental and physical are the pinnacle of importance for our community, and I just love that about us!

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