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COVID-19 Restrictions End: A Message from President Michael Mestan (June 16, 2021)

Dear Northeast College family: 

Almost a year and a half ago, the world in which we live changed abruptly. Suddenly, terms like "pandemic," "quarantine," "coronavirus," and "social distancing" entered our everyday language, and how we lived and learned shifted dramatically.

As we all know, at Northeast College we believe in the power of evidence-informed decision making. That makes us particularly gratified to share that, based on strong NYS vaccination rates and dropping infection numbers, New York State has ended the majority of the state's COVID-related restrictions, as of Tuesday, June 15. 

What does that mean for us here at Northeast College? As you might imagine, there is much to be done to reassess our operations and space, after a year-plus of working within pandemic guidelines. We'll be sharing many updates in coming days, but here are some immediate changes to how Northeast College operates:  

  • Masks: Masks are no longer required in most classrooms or around campus, though certainly they may be worn by anyone who prefers to wear one. **There is an exception in that, as per remaining NYS regulations, those in healthcare settings (such as the health centers) or certain laboratory settings (such as in physical skills, technique and anatomy labs) must continue to wear masks.** We also recommend that unvaccinated individuals continue to wear a mask when around others, and that anyone who feels ill consider remaining home from work/school/etc.
  • Physical distancing: Physical distancing is no longer required in most settings, including most classroom spaces, and we return to the ability to operate at full capacity. However, to minimize disruption, we will continue to hold this term's classes as currently assigned (including in the gym and other alternative spaces). We plan to return fully to all classroom and learning spaces in the fall.
  • Health screenings: Students, employees and visitors coming to campus are no longer required to complete the daily health survey nor go through any in-person health screening. Note that the health centers, as healthcare providers, may have different guidelines that must be followed.
  • Gathering and Events: Limits on gathering numbers have been lifted. We are very pleased to confirm that, for the SP21 in-person Transitions and D.C./MSDI Commencement ceremonies:
    • Tickets are no longer required, and graduates may invite as many guests as they like. 
    • As well, all Northeast College students, faculty, staff, and alumni are welcome to attend.
    • Attendees will not be required to go through any screening process, but all unvaccinated individuals will be required to wear masks. 

The Commencement ceremony for MSACN and MSHAPI graduates will remain an online event. We will share many more updated details regarding all upcoming events soon.

Today we celebrate the results of hard work and good science as we officially retire the College Reopening Plan. We go forward with gratitude for safety and health, and we continue to be mindful of the fact that, though we are on a positive path, the pandemic has not yet been declared over. As we move forward we will remain vigilant, taking lessons learned about health and community with us into a stronger, safer future.

With thanks
Dr. Michael Mestan
President, Northeast College of Health Sciences

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