Return to NYCC Campus

Together we have seen a rapid evolution of the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 global pandemic. NYCC leadership and the College's crisis response team has been monitoring the situation closely, remaining in close contact with public health officials to ensure we have the latest, most accurate data from which to make decisions and act.


  • In accordance with New York State guidelines for higher education, NYCC submitted its "NYCC Reopening Safety Plan" to the NYS Department of Health.
  • A limited number of Chiropractic students in T6 and T7 have returned to campus this summer.
  • Spring 2020 courses continue to be delivered via remote/online course delivery.
  • Returning students are invited to arrive back in Seneca Falls prior to final exams, which begin August 3 and will be conducted online.
  • The College is planning for an on-campus Fall 2020 trimester start. 
    • T2-T10 students: Begin on-campus coursework and/or clinical assignments on 8/11
    • New T1 students: Begin on-campus coursework on 9/9
  • All NYCC facilities are reopening on a limited basis. Anyone who is not required to be on campus to attend class or carry out required job-related tasks is asked to remain off site unless otherwise notified.
  • New York State has issued a travel advisory. Anyone traveling to NYS from one of the listed states may have to self-quarantine for 14 days, post-travel. **The list of impacted states is updated regularly.** Visit the NYS Department of Health website to see the latest updates and guidelines.


For Students


Academics / Coursework

  • Are Spring classes being held online or face-to-face?
    Spring 2020 trimester classes began for all programs as previously scheduled in the academic calendar via remote / online delivery.
  • Will College facilities reopen for Fall 2020? Will classes be held on campus?
    It is the College's intention to offer in-person, on-site instruction for Fall 2020, pending permission from New York State. Faculty, staff and administrators from across the College are developing plans for multiple scenarios, and any reopening of our College facilities will be deliberately planned, carefully controlled, and in full alignment with health and safety best practices.
  • How do students get books and supplies?
    Instructors will be in contact soon with course information. Students can also contact instructors directly with any questions. Course materials can be ordered via the online NYCC Bookstore:
  • How will students complete lab hours?
    Faculty will provide as much content as possible via distance course delivery methods; completion of lab hours and requirements for each course will be determined by each faculty member.
  • Is academic support still available for students who need additional assistance or tutoring in classes?
    Yes, academic support remains open and ready to assist. Students may contact those offices by emailing and
  • Is the library open and are library materials available?
    The physical library building is currently open M-F, 8 a.m.-noon. Online library services and support are still available electronically. LibGuides (including searchable articles, databases, subject guides and several textbooks as eBooks) are available through your student portal; login with your standard portal username and password. Interlibrary loan is still available, if other libraries are open and can fulfill requests. The forms to request interlibrary loans are available in LibGuides. Contact or with questions. Contact or with questions.
  • Will Transitions, Commencement and other ceremonies still take place this trimester?
    We currently do not have enough information related to future NYS "Restart NY" guidelines to predict what ceremonies and gatherings, if any, will be allowed to be held this summer.  We will continue to update our community as information is received.  Regardless of when the ceremonies are held, a plan will be created to honor all of our students in some format. 
  • Do the modifications to the trimester schedules still allow me to graduate on time?
    In creating the revised Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 schedules for our D.C. students, the faculty and leadership specifically designed the course progression to help students remain on-time for degree completion.  An emphasis has been placed on maintaining academic rigor, meeting accreditation standards and achieving course outcomes.  If students choose to continue with and pass the courses as scheduled, they will remain on track for graduation as originally planned.
  • Will there be additional open adjusting hours available in the fall to help students get necessary time with technique courses?
    While we do not yet have definitive dates for our return to campus, it is our hope and expectation to support students with hands-on review and open labs for courses including technique and diagnosis.
  • Does the new seven-week class format result in a reduced workload for students or fewer credits?
    No, the course content and credit hours remain the same. These course will meet twice per week in the 7-week format, rather than once per week in the traditional 14-week format, to effectively deliver the same course content.
  • What will happen with electives (especially ones with certificates) that have been canceled? If this was the last trimester students could have taken them, will students no longer be able to take those electives or will they be offered at clinic locations in the future?
    The current New York State PAUSE restrictions necessitated that we cancel all face-to-face technique electives. As the restrictions are lifted, we will review every opportunity to provide students access to these electives.
  • Will there be more spots made available for the current Spring trimester online electives that were full and wait-listed, to allow room for students who could not take the in-person electives for which they previously registered?
    Additional online elective offerings have been developed by faculty and are being made available through the Registrar's Office.
  • Since the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) will not be holding examinations at NYCC this summer, what options do students have?

    NYCC and NBCE are two separate organizations located in two different states. NBCE owns and administers their examinations, with NYCC and other locations acting just as host sites, so NBCE is the primary source for anything related to examination(s). Students should contact NBCE directly to discuss the availability for testing at an alternate location.

    NYCC is willing to have NBCE administer exams on the College's campus as soon as we are authorized by New York State to safely reopen our facilities and to reasonably provide accommodations under any restrictions on operations. We have invited NBCE to submit a testing plan that outlines the best practices they will employ for disinfecting, social distancing, and use of personal protection equipment. NYCC will work closely with our local department of health to explain the essential nature of the examinations and NBCE's plan for protecting all the participants in the examinations. Many things are not within our control at this time, but we continue to work with NBCE and New York State to find solutions.

    UPDATE – 5/21/20: New York State has placed greater restrictions on the use and reopening of college campuses and facilities than many other states. As such, NBCE will need special government approval for an exemption to hold exams on NYCC's campus. This includes the need for the Seneca County Health Department to review and endorse the NBCE plan. At this time, the Seneca County Health Department has indicated that the NBCE's submitted plan is not in alignment with public health best practices. NYCC continues to be very interested in having the exam(s) offered on its campus this summer. The College has communicated this desire to NBCE, offered suggestions for consideration to better align with the NYS requirements, and remains open to discuss alternatives.

  • If a student wants to withdraw now and reenroll later, how is that done? 
    Students who wish to take time off from their academic program may do so by completing the withdrawal process with the Registrar.
  • Is there a penalty if a student withdraws for the current trimester and returns to the program when the College facilities re-open?
    Students in good standing who choose to withdraw due to reasons associated with the pandemic will be readmitted without penalty. Students must understand that by taking this action they are delaying their original graduation date and may not be able to return until the curriculum aligns with their current academic progress. Students should first discuss their intent to withdraw with the Registrar's Office and then D.C.P. Dean Bobak to make sure they are well informed of their options and the timeframe for their return to their studies.
  • If a student chooses to take the Spring trimester off and resume classes in the fall, will the student's schedule go back to the regular trimester schedule?
    Any student who would like to withdraw temporarily should meet with the Registrar's Office to review their current schedule. Be-cause the Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 modifications to the D.C.P. curriculum require the delivery of lecture content separate from lab content, students who are in trimesters 1-6 and temporarily with-draw would not be able to the return to the traditional D.C. curriculum until the Winter 2021 trimester.
  • If a student withdraws and returns later what happens to any existing Incomplete grades?
    We encourage all students to complete outstanding incomplete grades as soon as possible. NYCC will make reasonable accommodations to assist students with making up incomplete work upon return to the College. Students are recommended to complete In-complete grades within two trimesters of earning the Incomplete, as it may become difficult for students to recall course content and complete the course successfully.
  • Are D.C. and AOM tuition amounts the same for remote and hybrid coursework as they are for face-to-face courses?
    Yes, the tuition for coursework is the same, regardless of the delivery methods used. Tuition is based on the program and number of credits students are registered for and may earn during the trimester. The content of courses has not changed, and students will receive the same number of credits when coursework is success-fully completed.
  • If a student chooses to take time off, will the tuition payments already made for the Spring term be applied to the Fall trimester?
    Tuition payments will be returned to the student if they are cash payers or on a payment plan. Financial aid funds would be re-turned to the appropriate financial aid programs.
  • Does the change in course delivery from face-to-face to remote learning effect financial aid packages?
    The change in course delivery will have no impact on Financial Aid packages.

Clinical Education

  • When will student clerks be able to participate in patient care?
    We do not have a date for physically returning to the health centers at this point. Opening the health centers will be based on New York State's directives and the safety for our students. At this time, we do have a comprehensive health center return plan, which has been approved by the Seneca County Health Department. This plan includes the purchase of necessary PPE equipment, cleaning equipment, sanitization materials and physical office modifications. We will move to implement that plan as soon as it is permissible and prudent to do so.
  • When should clinic students return to the area? What if students cannot find housing?
    NYCC cannot advise students on where to live or when they should move. We will give student clerks 2-4 weeks advanced notice of assigned health center placement to help plan your move.
  • What is the plan for the CLS courses if students cannot see patients?

    We are creating online courses that are interactive, contain faculty collaboration and also include online learning modules and record-ed lectures. There will be additional exercises and modifications to course materials as we move forward. We are also exploring new software platforms to enhance the clinical curriculum while learning online.

    We are planning to teach as much of each course as we can. We should have a better idea in the coming weeks of how clinics or clinical placements will be allowed by NYS to safely reopen. We will continue to keep students updated on reopening clinic strategies as things progress.

  • How will students meet the requirements to achieve 250 adjustments in clinic?
    NYCC received New York State approval to modify the graduation adjustment requirement from 250 adjustments to 150 adjustments. We also reduced the minimum course Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy (CMT) requirements for each trimester. We are still maintaining qualitative requirements (evals) to meet CCE quality standards. CCE does not require students make a minimum number of adjustments before licensure, but California licensure does require a minimum of 250 adjustments. Any student who wants the opportunity to practice in California will still need to complete 250 adjustments and should notify the health center administrator of their desire to be licensed in California.
  • How will NYCC ensure student safety during clinical education and patient interactions?
    While no one can provide 100% certainly of safety, we have established a specific safety protocol for NYCC health centers. This protocol has been initially reviewed and approved by the Seneca County Health Department. Prior to reopening any health center we will hold required trainings for students, faculty, and staff to help optimize the safety of each site. This training must be completed prior to any patient interactions within the health center.
  • Will students start clinic in Fall 2020 at their assigned remote clinic locations? If so, how will they complete the lab portions of courses from 7th tri remotely? Will there be student clinic at the remote locations?
    We would anticipate that at this point students will start clinic in Fall 2020 at their assigned remote clinic locations, contingent on NYS's directives -- which are still in flux. We have plans in place to teach courses remotely if needed, and can provide students the opportunity to complete their hands-on credits either at the Campus Health Center or at the associated hub, depending on timing and availability to return to the clinical site. We will do our best to provide these opportunities, consistent with any restrictions that may continue to exist.
  • What if a student is unable to secure Fall housing in Seneca Falls or at their clinical location?
    As we are all experiencing, COVID-19 has created a landscape that has made some things difficult to forecast. Student housing is certainly not the least of these unknowns, and we can appreciate the housing concerns of all of our students. The Student Engagement & Residence Life Office, to the extent possible, is committed to supporting students with specific housing information, concerns, and need. Students should contact the director, Carol Faivre (, or residence life administrator, Mara Casler (, for assistance.  The office is happy to work with students on a case-by-case basis. Students may also contact health center administrators Melissa Murphy at Levittown ( or Dr. Ana Stearns at Depew ( to discuss local accommodations that may be available.
  • What about available course absence time in clinical education courses?
    We have removed the available absence time for each course. We have built in the possibility for a "break" week or lighter learning weeks where we use the absence time to replace hours of course material. This will be enacted if students need a "break" or we need to utilize time to further prepare the health centers for physical return to the facilities. Students will be notified in advance of any "break time.

Canadian Students

  • Are students currently on the F-1 visa able to travel across the U.S.-Canadian border to enter the U.S. for study and return back to Canada?
    Through at least May 20, 2020, travel by F-1 students to the U.S. to attend educational institutions is permissible "essential travel" under the current travel restrictions. All students should carry with them all relevant documentation demonstrating their travel is essential , to provide to immigration officers as needed. Such documents include the Form I-20 from NYCC, as well as a letter or other evidence from the College indicating that the student is currently taking classes or engaged in clinical training. Students traveling under these conditions should not have trouble returning to Canada since they are citizens, but Canada may have various requirements for returning to the country (e.g., medical screening, quarantining for a certain period of time, etc.).
  • Now that instruction has transitioned to online / remote delivery, will Canadian students' visa renewal be impacted?
    Normally, students with F-1 visa status can only take one online course a semester. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) declared that nonimmigrant students temporarily engaging in distance-learning from within or outside of the U.S. and maintain their F-1 student status.
  • With travel restricted by both Canada and the U.S., can NYCC ensure a safe (and essential) border crossing for students, particularly those engaging in hands-on work in a clinical setting?
    International border restrictions and actions are outside of NYCC control and unfortunately NYCC is unable to ensure any international travel. Authority and decision-making about border crossing rests with each country's border officers. Attending an educational institution in the U.S. is considered to be essential travel under Canada's current travel restrictions, and NYCC is happy to provide its students with documents supporting that travel -- for example, a Form I-20 or a letter or other evidence student enrollment in classes or clinical training, etc.
  • Will there be any compensation for Canadian students given the current situation with the dollar value?
    While we appreciate the impact of all economic conditions on our students, the College cannot unilaterally protect against the impact of currency exchange rate fluctuations and other general consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Residence Life / DINING / Infirmary

  • Are dining services still available?
    Dining services are not currently available.
  • Are infirmary services still available?
    Infirmary services are not currently available.
  • Are the residence halls still open?
    On-campus residential students were asked to return to their permanent homes and leave the residence halls by Friday, March 20. Students with exceptional circumstances have requested and been granted special permission to remain living in the residence halls. Contact Carol Faivre, director of Student Engagement and Residence Life, at with any questions or concerns.
  • Is there a refund for meal plans, infirmary fees and room fees?
    Yes, students will receive pro-rated refunds for their meal plans, infirmary fees and room fees on a monthly basis. As we cannot anticipate when the restrictions on College facility access will be lifted, the College will continue to refund those expenses at the end of each month until such time that the campus is open for normal operations.

Other Questions

  • When will the campus and facilities reopen?
    It is the College's intention to offer in-person, on-site instruction for Fall 2020, pending permission from New York State. Unfortunately, the exact date for the campus to reopen is currently unknown.The College will provide a minimum of one week notice before students' in-person attendance on campus or at a health center assignment is needed. Residential students will also be sent move-in information from Residence Life as soon as it is available.
  • What is the status of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund at NYCC?
    NYCC is in the process of applying for funding from the recently-announced Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (part of the CARES Act), but has not yet received any funds. In preparation, the College is working to develop a plan to distribute funds to students who are eligible (based on Department of Education-provided criteria), and expects the funds to become available in the Spring trimester.
  • What if students have additional questions?
    Students who have additional questions should contact the Office of Student Engagement & Residence Life via or, or phone 315-568-3047 or 315-568-3053.
  • How can students in the area help?
    Students who wish to volunteer can contact the Seneca County Office of the Aging (315-539-1765), the Seneca County House of Concern (315-568-2433) or The United Way (315-539-1135) for information about opportunities that may exist to safely volunteer while maintaining social distancing and other health safety protocols.
For the Community
  • Can anyone visit the campus?
    All NYCC facilities are closed to most students, employees and visitors until further notice. This includes the NYCC Seneca Falls campus; library; Standard Process Fitness Center; and Seneca Falls, Depew and Levittown health centers.
  • Are the health centers open to patients and community members?
    The Seneca Falls, Depew and Levittown health centers are currently closed for patients and community members.
  • Is the Standard Process Fitness Center open and running classes?
    The Standard Process Fitness Center is currently closed for member, student and employee use; classes are cancelled.
  • Are there any events currently being held on campus?
    All gatherings and visits on campus are canceled through May 15. In addition, all NYCC facilities are closed to most students, employees and visitors until further notice.
College Operations & Access
  • Who can access College facilities?
    All NYCC facilities are closed to most students, employees and visitors until further notice. Only those employees with duties determined to be "essential" (in accordance with NYS guidelines) may have limited access to facilities, under the direction of their supervisor and/or division head.
  • Are employees working remotely?
    Yes, all employees are encouraged to work remotely as their jobs allow, under the direction of their supervisors. Faculty and staff are expected to fulfill their professional obligations, which may require their presence on campus as directed by their supervisor and/or division head.
  • Are students and employees still able to carry out College-related travel?
    Non-essential College-related travel is suspended. Employees who are scheduled to travel on College-related business should contact their supervisor.
  • How do faculty and staff get assistance with remote and other technology?
    Faculty and staff may submit a request in TrackIT or to
  • Is the NYCC Bookstore still open?
    The NYCC Bookstore is currently closed.

  • Are the health centers open to patients and community members?
    The Seneca Falls, Depew and Levittown health centers and Campus Health Center are currently closed.

  • Is the Standard Process Fitness Center open and running classes?
    The Standard Process Fitness Center is currently closed for member, student and employee use; classes are canceled.
  • During this period, what additional measure is the College taking to disinfect facilities?
    In addition to regular cleaning procedures, the College is conducting an "above and beyond" approach to the cleaning of high-traffic areas (including restrooms and locker room facilities) and the disinfecting of various touchpoints. Identified touchpoints include light switches; door knobs and handles; push plates on doors; classroom desktops; countertops; and water fountain buttons. As well, the College is spraying each building's interior spaces with a sanitizing product.


Coronavirus Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the United States' managing agency for coronavirus information.

There are several places to get the most current and accurate information on COVID-19: