Health, Safety & the #NYCCBlue Way

NYCC students walking outside of the health and fitness center

Together we have seen a rapid evolution of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Now, in concert with local, state and federal public health officials, the NYCC community continues to work together to create the safest-possible campus environment.

NYCC Safety Plan Daily Health Screening Form

#NYCCBlueWay Pledge


  • T7-10 Winter 2021 coursework and clinical education begin hands-on and remote as previously scheduled.
  • T1-6 Winter 2021 coursework begins fully remote/online on January 6.
  • T1-6 D.C. students return to the Seneca Falls campus on February 1 to begin hands-on learning (labs, technique, diagnosis, etc.), with lectures continuing via remote/online means.
  • Members of the NYCC community should plan to return to the Seneca Falls area before scheduled "on-campus" dates to allow for time to meet any NYS travel advisory requirements.
  • MSACN and MSHAPI coursework begins online on January 6.
  • Changes to campus facilities (such as use of larger alternate learning spaces) continue to support smart physical distancing.
  • Anyone coming to the NYCC campus must have a face covering and complete the daily screening process (online or in person) before entering the facilities.
  • Most NYCC facilities, including the Seneca Falls and Campus health centers, are open. The Standard Process Health and Fitness Center remains closed for community use.

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Coronavirus Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the United States' managing agency for coronavirus information.

There are several places to get the most current and accurate information on COVID-19: