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NYCC’s 2018-2021 BLUEprint Three-Year Plan

NYCC Campus with spine banner

In October 2018, New York Chiropractic College unveiled its three-year strategic plan, the 2018-2021 BLUEprint: Growing the Future Together.

Created through a months-long process of study, evaluation, research, and discussion that included the entire College community, the BLUEprint identifies five priority areas that, for the next three years, will be at the core of our strategic actions:

  1. New avenues of growth: NYCC will explore exciting new partnerships and consider ways to improve current programs to increase their sustainability and relevance. 
  2. Community and partner engagement: NYCC will deepen our involvement in the profession through scholarship and research opportunities and strengthen our ties to our graduates through collaboration.
  3. Campus infrastructure enhancement: NYCC will continue our commitment to a sustainable, environmentally sound campus while improving our physical facilities.
  4. Integrated brand marketing: NYCC has wonderful stories to tell, and we will examine how best to share those stories to ever-broader audiences.
  5. Strategic enrollment management: NYCC will undertake data-informed initiatives to ensure the College's long-term enrollment success and fiscal health.

NYCC's 2018-2021 BLUEprint: Growing the Future Together sets a strong strategic course for NYCC going forward into the next three years and beyond. As President Michael Mestan says, "The 2018-2021 BLUEprint plan is an exciting development in the life of this institution. Each of the five priority areas of the BLUEprint will strengthen NYCC as we pursue our commitment to academic excellence, leadership, and professional best practices, now and in the years to come." Download NYCC's 2018-2021 BLUEprint: Growing the Future Together:

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