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How Blue Are You?

NYCC Students in the lounge

How well do you know our beloved College? Take our short quiz and find out the answer to the question, "How NYCC Blue are YOU?"

1. NYCC’s campus is renowned for being home to the following animals:
2. What used to be called Unity Day is now called:
3. To help with getting from building to building in cold weather, NYCC has:
4. The NYCC cafeteria is well known for its:
5. The Delavan Theater is primarily used for:
6. NYCC is located near a Finger Lake, so called because:
7. The common nickname for this atrium in the Academic 3 building is:
8. This upper level in the Padgett Administration Building is called:
9. Students who take this pathway under Rte. 89 will come to:
10. The NYCC campus extends over:
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