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Cheers to 100 Years: NYCC Celebrates Its Centennial

NYCC Logo on windowsill

This year, NYCC is proud to celebrate its one hundredth year of excellence in healthcare education. The campus kicked off this landmark Centennial occasion in January 2019, but the 100-years-in-the-making celebration is only just beginning!

In 1919 Dr. Frank Dean founded the Columbia Institute of Chiropractic (CIC), which in the 1970s became New York Chiropractic College. In 1991 NYCC purchased the 286-acre Eisenhower College campus in Seneca Falls, N.Y., and moved to its current expanded location. Health clinics, designed to serve their broader regional communities, were also added in locations including Seneca Falls, N.Y.; Depew, N.Y.; and Levittown, N.Y.; and collaborations with organizations such as the Veterans Administration ensured diverse opportunities for clinical education. NYCC currently admits students in a number of programs of study, including Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Science in Clinical Anatomy, Master of Science in Diagnostic Imaging, Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition (online), Master of Science in Sports Nutrition (online), and Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction (online).

And so, 100 years later, the College continues its proud tradition of being a premiere institution for the education of natural health care professionals -- what a cause to celebrate! The Centennial kickoff event for faculty, staff, and students was held in January, 2019, in the lobby of the Padgett Administration Building. The event, called "Cheers to 100 Years!" was livestreamed to the NYCC health centers and featured a speech by NYCC President Michael Mestan, a video of community members offering well-wishes on the College's hundredth anniversary, and the opportunity to contribute to a time capsule to be opened in 2069. NYCC pride was also clearly on display, with a sea of balloons in the College colors, the special Centennial version of the College logo hanging from the lobby mezzanine, and giant wooden "N-Y-C-C" letters in blue and green gracing the windows overlooking the campus's main entryway circle drive.

NYCC president Dr. Michael Mestan shared his thoughts on the Centennial, comparing the College to a grand ship and saying, "I consider it a great privilege to have been asked to take the helm of this vessel at this exciting time. I am grateful for you, the crew and passengers, who give meaning to, and make possible our voyage together. I can assure you that our ship, 'The NYCC,' is indeed seaworthy! Its physical plant is impressive. It is well provisioned for the journey ahead. It has a proud legacy as one of the finest ships in its class. ... It seems to me that what was once a small boat, and which then became a powerful ship, might now be poised to become a ship of a different kind--with its sights set upon the stars."

Other Centennial events will be held throughout 2019, including a trivia contest, the placement of the Centennial time capsule, and the Centennial Celebration conference (formerly NYCC Homecoming) in September at which alumni, practicing health professionals, and current students are invited to expand their knowledge through a series of educational presentations and symposia. This year, the Centennial Celebration will be held jointly with the New York State Chiropractic Association's (NYSCA) Fall Convention, and there is a full roster of speakers and educational opportunities. Information about the Centennial Celebration and other Centennial news and events, along with "Centennial Spotlight" profiles of NYCC alumni, are available on the NYCC Centennial web pages. We encourage you to explore the Centennial page and we look forward to seeing you, who are such an important part of NYCC history, on campus during this Centennial year to wish NYCC a happy 100th birthday!

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