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NYCC Hosts New On-Campus Community-Sponsored Agriculture Initiative

April 22, 2019 New York Chiropractic College

Wellness: it's at the heart New York Chiropractic College (NYCC). The College is dedicated to not only training some of the most skilled healthcare professionals in the world, but to also supporting members of its community as they pursue their own health and wellbeing. 
In support of the pursuit of overall health in all forms, NYCC is pleased to announce a brand-new initiative on campus grounds: The Veggie Table CSA!

A CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) is a program where individuals purchase a subscription, or "share," to receive a regular delivery of local, in-season produce for a set number of weeks. In this case, Veggie Table shareholders sign up to receive a weekly box filled with a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits -- about half a bushel's worth of produce each week. And the best part? The produce is being grown, harvested, and available for pick up right on the NYCC Seneca Falls campus!

The new Veggie Table CSA will be independently run on outlying NYCC Seneca Falls campus lands by local farmer Andy Riegel -- along with wife Candace, family, and partner Nate Boyd --  who has run similar programs in New York state's Finger Lakes region since 2012. The CSA will be rooted in an organic philosophy, with a commitment to using regenerative no-till farming methods, as well as other practices that enhance soil biodiversity. 

The establishment of an independently run, on-campus CSA is just the latest evidence of NYCC's dedication to supporting good health through whole-food nutrition. In addition to graduate programs in chiropractic, the College also offers fully-online master's programs in Applied Clinical Nutrition and Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction. "We've always known that whole-food nutrition is a critical part of the overall wellness picture, and we could not be more pleased with the addition of the Veggie Table CSA to our NYCC neighborhood," said NYCC President Michael Mestan. "The ability help provide our community access to healthy, fresh, local food -- a major tool in the quest for health -- is something about which the College is truly excited, and is very much in line with the vision of excellence set forth in our ongoing three-year Strategic Plan."

The Veggie Table's headquarters will be the former Executive Links Golf Course clubhouse, located on the south end of NYCC's grounds, which will be used for storage, sorting, and as a market selling selected goods such as eggs and honey from local producers. 

Veggie Table shares are available for purchase by not only NYCC community but also anyone in Seneca Falls and the Finger Lakes region. To learn more, go to

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