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NYCC Welcome Students as the Spring 2020 Trimester Begins Online

May 8, 2020 New York Chiropractic College

New York Chiropractic College kicked off its Spring 2020 Trimester this week, welcoming new Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) and Applied Clinical Nutrition students as they began their online studies.

A special Virtual Orientation was held for new D.C. students on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. The online event featured greetings and words from NYCC President Michael Mestan, Dean of Chiropractic Dr. Karen Bobak and students Sheridan French (D.C. '20) and Jason Potash (D.C. '21).

"I'm very excited for you all to get started. It's a challenging and very exciting program. You will grow a lot," said French, who demonstrated how to navigate the online student portal.

Moving forward, together

The meeting was filled with a resounding "can't wait to meet you on campus" message, and the familiar atmosphere of NYCC dedication and commitment to academic excellence was evident. Dr. Bobak talked of faculty and staff who have gone above and beyond to redevelop courses and ensure the trimester started online, on time. If such a thing is possible, noted Dr. Bobak, the passion and professionalism of our NYCC community has only grown during this challenging time.

Online introductions of chiropractic professors with whom students will have courses during their first trimester were made before Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Anne Killen delivered closing remarks. 


Looking forward to the future, while focusing on today

While she noted there were still uncertainties about when the NYCC community could once again safely be together on campus, Killen did assure new students that NYCC professors are "100 percent dedicated to you and the chiropractic profession, and are here to help you succeed."

"You have a unique opportunity. You are here at one of the most innovative times in education, at a world-class institution. You are going to learn new ways to communicate and interact with people and technology," Dr. Killen said. "I challenge you to use them all and determine how you can use these new ways with your patients in the future. Use this time to your advantage."

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