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NYCC Students Attend Club Day Fair

January 17, 2019 New York Chiropractic College


Students attending club fair

NYCC students are engaged and involved, as evidenced by representation at January 15's Club Day, held in the Padgett Administration building lobby. Participating clubs included Sports Club, Student Government Association, Motion Palpation Club, Canadian Chiropractic Club, Student NYSCA, Christian Chiropractic Club, Rehab & Performance Club, Applied Kinesiology Club, Women in Chiropractic, and Students for Social Diversity Awareness. Club tables had information and representatives and, in some cases, food: for example, the Canadians, appropriately, offered poutine to those who stopped by. 

Students at the club tables readily explained the focus and work of their organizations. Representatives encouraged students to join Student NYSCA, which is free, to gain professional information and access to seminars and events; the Rehab & Performance Club focused on rehabilitation and performance issues for all doctors of chiropractic; the Christian Chiropractic Club shared their charter to "seek God first"; and the Students for Social Diversity Awareness hoped to make members more aware of culturally and socially sensitive ways to interact with future patients and clients.

Carol Faivre, Director of Student Engagement and Resident Life, sees great value in student clubs, saying, "Club Day is an opportunity for NYCC students to find out how they can broaden--and deepen--their involvement, whether through leadership, advocacy, educational, or social student organizations." Students attending the club fair were able to interact with club members, learn more about the clubs, and forge connections that would potentially impact their lives and future careers.

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