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NYCC Honors Students at Winter 2021 Ceremonies 

April 5, 2021 New York Chiropractic College


New York Chiropractic College hosted its Winter 2021 Commencement online event Saturday, April 3. Friends, family and members of the College community watched as degrees were virtually conferred to 39 Doctor of Chiropractic program students.

This degree is earned after 10 trimesters of study, including courses in areas like biochemistry, gross anatomy, neuroscience, nutrition, and business management, as well as extensive hands-on clinical experience and research.

Awards for excellence in community service, leadership and clinical practice were presented to students by Dr. Erica Callahan, director of the Bachelor of Professional Studies Program, and the Chiropractic Oath was administered by Dr. Wendy Maneri, associate dean for chiropractic clinical education and health centers. NYCC President Dr. Michael Mestan delivered welcoming and closing remarks.

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Dr. Killen presenting during Winter 2021 Commencement
The presentation of the 39 Doctor of Chiropractic candidates for NYCC's Winter 2021 Commencement was delivered by Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Anne E. Killen, D.M.

"Graduates, you have learned what you need to know to start into practice and you have learned how to continue your lifelong quest for knowledge," said President Mestan. "Today the chiropractic profession gains a very promising new addition.  I am proud of you. I have confidence in you and I now send you into the world to lead, to make your own opportunities, to ease the suffering of others and to find joy in being a chiropractor."

Congratulatory remarks from faculty staff were also included in the presentation. "We have seen your hard work and we know that you deserve to be here today. We also know that you will use the same determination, perseverance and adaptability to provide the best healthcare possible for your patients in the future," said NYCC instructor Dr. Jessica Walker. "So on behalf of the faculty at NYCC, congratulations and good luck as you embark on this new part of your life." 


The Winter 2021 Commencement ceremony also marked the 96th Annual Convocation of the American College of Chiropractors (ACC), during which ACC President Dr. Serge Nerli appointed four chiropractors, including NYCC alumni and members of NYCC's Board of Trustees, as Fellows: Dr. Lisa K. Bloom (D.C ' 90), Dr. Joanne Cancro (D.C. '96; member, NYCC Board of Trustees), Dr. Christopher Marchese (D.C. '93) and Dr. N. Ray Tuck, Jr. (member, NYCC Board of Trustees).


Just a couple of days before Commencement, on April 1, seventh-trimester chiropractic students received their white coats during the Winter 2021 Transitions Ceremony in NYCC's Delavan Theater.

The event honored the achievements of 33 students who now move into the clinical phase of their education, and was available for family and friends to view via livestream on the website. Awards were presented for achievements in academic and clinical excellence, and Dr. Brad Hopkins, assistant professor at NYCC's Depew Health Center, delivered the keynote address.

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