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NYCC CARE Team Takes Steps to be Proactive in Helping Students

January 29, 2020 New York Chiropractic College

Looking to help more students, more quickly, the Academy for Academic Excellence and Student Success (AAESS), in collaboration with the Office of Student Engagement, faculty and staff, has transformed its Student CARE Team approach to involve the larger College community in a greater capacity. 

Students walking on NYCC campus

The NYCC Student CARE Team is a small group of caring faculty and staff who work together to address any concern or circumstance that may impact an individual's wellbeing, or that of the College community. "We're like a big group of friends and family here," said Director of AAESS Dr. Peter Thompson.

NYCC has experts who stand ready to help students navigate the challenges of college life. Still, it can be difficult to reach those in need who don't ask for help, or don't know help is available. That's why students, faculty and staff are being brought into the process earlier and asked to make a referral to the CARE Team if they know someone who might be in need.

It's not enough to help students once they have a crisis, said Thompson. The goal is to be proactive and identify students showing signs of distress. Once a referral is received, the College's core team of experts determine the best resources to help each student navigate their current challenge and regain focus.

The NYCC community can make a referral online at or contact Dr. Peter Thompson directly at 315-568-3123.

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