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Community Follows the #NYCCBlueWay, College Pledge of Health and Safety

September 24, 2020 New York Chiropractic College
Students walking outside the fitness center

As part of the College's ongoing actions to address the COVID-19 global health crisis, New York Chiropractic College President Dr. Michael Mestan recently reminded the College community to "stay the course" in following best practices and regulations and invited faculty, staff and students to join him in taking the #NYCCBlueWay pledge.

A vow to protect one another and adhere to health and safety guidelines, the #NYCCBlueWay pledge is a way for the College community to further commit to their pursuit of wellness for the NYCC community and others.

"Join me and affirm your commitment to following health guidelines and protecting the safety of yourself, your College and your community," Dr. Mestan said. "Let it serve as a reminder that we have been called to the higher purpose of healthcare and, in this crisis and beyond, we will act with the intelligence and integrity that are core tenets of our chosen discipline."

NYCC Stays the Course

Dr. Mestan said he has seen students, faculty and staff work diligently to make wise choices and follow guidelines, and is proud of the respect, selflessness and dedication the community has demonstrated during these challenging times. "I know it hasn't been easy," he said.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, NYCC has worked closely with public health experts and professionals across the College to create its reopening plan and make necessary adjustments as new information and guidelines become available. The College community's commitment to following the #NYCCBlueWay and the NYCC Reopening Plan have been instrumental to help ensure the safety and health of students, faculty and staff.

NYCC faculty, staff and students can sign the pledge here: 

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