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New NYCC Online M.S. Degree Prepares Students for Careers in Growing Sports Nutrition Field

March 16, 2018 New York Chiropractic College

New online degree reflects growing awareness of nutrition's role in athletic success

As we enter into the season of March Madness, hot on the heels of 2018 Winter Olympics, athletic competition is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Every competitor, from professional to novice, is focused on finding their winning edge. And to that end, nutrition is increasingly being recognized as a cornerstone of athletic training and performance. The approach taken by sports, healthcare and nutrition professionals to improve an athlete's diet can be essential to athletic performance and recovery, and provide that all-important competitive advantage. Yet, diet remains a difficult aspect of the athlete's training regimen to evaluate and optimize without specialized training in the field of sports nutrition. With few options for graduate-level training in the field of sports nutrition and an increasing demand for specialized knowledge, there is a need to offer additional advanced training to future sports nutrition professionals.

A Flexible, Online Graduate-Level Degree

New York Chiropractic College has created a Master of Science degree program in Sports Nutrition, a completely online, graduate-level academic program without any residency requirements -- one of only a few fully-online master's level programs in this discipline. 

The 36-credit graduate program, which will launch in January, 2019, is designed for a part-time course of study, with students taking two or three courses per trimester for two years. The online delivery format provides a flexible learning environment to help facilitate the learning and time commitment of working professionals and healthcare providers. 

This rapidly-growing specialty within the healthcare field has captured the attention of those looking to expand their expertise to include optimizing human performance -- whether through giving elite athletes the edge they seek or enabling the every-day athlete to go further and improve their personal best.  Sports nutrition stresses the relationship between nutrition and exercise science, metabolism and disease.  It is about providing a pathway to peak performance with a faster recovery.

Preparing Students for Lasting Careers 

Graduates can immediately begin their careers in the field of clinical nutrition, working in a wide range of environments including clinical practice, consulting, and working with athletic teams. Other career opportunities include teaching, working for the government or not-for-profit agencies, or working in a related industry setting. As well, earning an M.S. in Sports Nutrition will also enhance the professional paths of coaches, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, and various healthcare professionals.

The program will launch in January, 2019 and applications are now being accepted. For more information, see

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