Heritage Society

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This is your opportunity to shape the history - and create the future - of NYCC. Your NYCC Heritage Society gift helps deserving students embark on rewarding and successful careers.

Planned gifts provide a way for you to create a legacy of learning for the College, while helping to strengthen our mission of advancing the science of wellness for generations to come. Your membership in the NYCC Heritage Society ensures that your voice and values will be part of your legacy at NYCC.

Planned Gift options include:


Charitable bequests in your will can include cash, securities, real estate or other property. They may be identified specifically - either as a percentage or an amount - or as that part of your estate that remains after making additional, specific bequests.

Life Insurance

Naming NYCC as an owner and beneficiary of life insurance proceeds not only creates your legacy, but offers potential tax advantages as well. This gift may reduce estate taxes, as the portion of the life insurance that is designated to NYCC may not count against your estate

Real Estate

If you own property that is paid in full and has appreciated in value, an outright gift to NYCC is a simple way to give. You can deduct the fair market value of your gift, avoid all capital gains taxes, and remove this asset from your taxable estate.

Stocks, bonds and Mutual Funds

One of the important reasons why people choose to make Heritage Society gifts using assets other than cash is the tax advantages. Stocks, bonds and mutual funds that have grown in value provide not only regular tax savings, but entirely avoid the capital gains tax on qualified assets when given for charitable purposes.

Plan Your Legacy

First, it's essential that you have a will, power of attorney, or living will and/or healthcare proxy in place - made with the assistance of an attorney. The desired wording would be to leave your gift to "The NYCC Heritage Society at New York Chiropractic College"

If you have already created a bequest for NYCC in your will or are in the process of having it done, please notify our Office of Institutional Advancement so that proper arrangements can be put in place for your future gift and all instructions are clearly indicated.

Help NYCC for Generations to Come

We all want to leave a legacy. NYCC is included in mine.

-Art Kellenberger, DC, '78

We invite you to join Dr. Kellenberger and others in helping the NYCC students of today and tomorrow afford the future - a future that helps deserving students achieve dreams, one degree at a time; a future that provides ongoing funding to NYCC, to help further our leadership role in shaping the profession.

For further information regarding the NYCC Heritage Society, please contact:

J. Todd Knudsen
Vice President of Institutional Advancement & Special Projects

New York Chiropractic College
2360 State Route 89
Seneca Falls, NY 13148

1-800-234-6922 extension 3146