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Update on the Daily Screening Process (June 25, 2020)

Dear NYCC,

As we begin our phased return to the NYCC campus over the coming weeks, we want to share details about the new health screening process that has been put into place on our Seneca Falls campus effective Monday, June 29, 2020.

In accordance with the New York State guidelines, everyone coming onto the College campus must go through a brief daily health screening before being admitted. This includes all students, faculty, staff and visitors. The process will help us monitor and manage our campus's potential exposure to COVID-19, and is an important part of how we're working to support our community's health and safety.

Each day, anyone coming to the campus will:

1. Complete the form: Prior to coming to campus each day, please complete the online COVID-19 Health Screening Form ( and save the dated, color-coded verification you will receive upon submission of the survey. This form is mobile friendly, and we recommend taking and saving a screenshot of the result after you submit your answers to the survey. You may also print the verification if you complete the form with a computer.

  • If you receive a green verification message, you may proceed to campus. 
  • If you receive a red verification message, you may NOT report to campus. Employees should contact their direct supervisor to receive instructions.

If you are not able to complete the online form before coming to campus, a limited number of paper forms will be available at the door. However, please do your best to complete the screening form before leaving home.

Note that this data will not be stored by the College at any time, and you should keep the dated proof of each verification form for at least 24 hours.

2. Enter through a designated screening point: As you come to campus, certain building entrances will be clearly marked as available screening entrances. **Everyone coming to campus facilities must enter through a screening entrance.**

Don't forget, too: while on campus, please be sure to wear your required face covering and to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance between you and others. This is particularly important if you find yourself waiting in a line.

3. Show verification and be scanned for temperature: On entry, entrance screeners (who will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment like masks and gloves) will need to see your green screening form verification message. You can present this for screener verification via the screenshot on your mobile device or via printout. If you were not able to complete the online form before coming to campus, a limited number of paper forms will be available at the door.

The screener will record the time of your arrival and you will need to ensure the time you leave is recorded also by leaving through the same entrance.The recording of time of arrival and time of departure will facilitate contact tracing, should that be necessary.

The screener will also perform a contactless thermometer scan and, if your scan does not show presence of a fever of 100.4°F or higher, you will be granted entry to campus.

4. Stay focused and re-enter as needed: To limit population density, as per best health and safety practices, we encourage you to only come to campus to perform supervisor approved on-campus work.  Should you need to leave campus (for example, for lunch) and return later that day, just show the dated green verification message at a screening point again to be re-admitted to campus once again.

We know this is a new process but we think you'll agree, it is an important and necessary one. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we move to safely reopen our beautiful campus.

Stay safe and stay well,

Christine McDermott, B.S., PHR, SHRM-CP
Human Resources Manager
New York Chiropractic College


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