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COVID-19 Testing Resources (as of July 7, 2020)

COVID-19 Contacts & Procedures for:

Erie County

Assistance for suspected exposure:
Erie County Health Department: 716-858-6976

Free testing site (must call ahead):
Jericho Road: 716-881-6191

Nassau County

Assistance for suspected exposure:
Nassau County Health Department: 516-396-7500

Testing site locations (must call ahead): 516-396-7500

  • Westbury*
  • Hempstead**
  • Freeport
  • Elmont

*Westbury is the closest site to the Levittown Health Center; **Hempstead the second closest

"Drive-thru" site -- Jones Beach (must call ahead):1.888-364-3065

Seneca County

Assistance options for suspected exposure:
FLH Medical (must call ahead): 315-539-4025
Urgent care at Balsley Road (must call ahead): 315-835-4900
Seneca County Health Department: 315-539-1920

Free testing site locations (must call ahead):
Cayuga: 607-319-5708
Clifton Springs: 315-462-9561
NYS Dept. of Health: 1-888-364-3065

Non-county specific

Q. If a party is asymptomatic and not aware of any direct COVID-19 exposure but wants to be tested, is there testing available? If so, what are the options?

A. If they are asymptomatic and want testing, they should contact their primary care doctor first and if unable to get tested, they should contact one of the above drive through testing sites to be screened; to set-up an appointment if appropriate.

Q. What happens if a test comes back positive?

A. The public health office relative to the county where the affected party is located, will be notified and "take over" monitoring the case. An affected party is given an official notice of required quarantine/isolation by the agency. Upon completion of the required quarantine/isolation time, the party will be required to be re-tested in order to released from the notice. Upon testing negative, the agency will issue a notice of release.

Students/staff/faculty who may fall into this category should anticipate being asked to provide a copy of quarantine/isolation release as part of their ability to return to their NYCC location site.

Q. Is all testing and medical services related to COVID-19 free?

A. Since services may vary location-to-location and provider-to-provider, you are encouraged to discuss the topic of associated costs directly with the agency that you are working through.

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