Academic Programs

Academic Programs

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Advancing the Science of Wellness

We offer our students an outstanding education distinguished for its high level of excellence, diversity of thought, and personal attention. Our students are mentored by practicing doctors of whom are intimately familiar with every aspect of chiropractic, honoring its past while demonstrating an intense enthusiasm for its future. Our progressive curriculum teaches the science, art, and philosophy that drives chiropractic.

NYCC also offers two masters degree programs that prepare students of professional practice as licensed acupuncturists. Becoming a competent and confident practitioner is a multifaceted process that involves understanding theoretical concepts, learning by doing, integrating theory with practice, and working closely with seasoned practitioners.

In the end, its our goal to provide our students with the training and skills needed to help alleviate pain, maintain wellness, and establish successful and fulfilling careers.

At NYCC we teach to enable collaborative relationships among healthcare practitioners, which will help prepare you for the reality of the rapidly evolving world of healthcare.