Academic Programs

Focus on Research

Students are exposed to the latest evidence-based chiropractic concepts during their basic and clinical science courses and as part of their clinical internships.

The integration of research into our chiropractic curriculum affords students the unique opportunity to progress toward becoming the leading chiropractors of tomorrow while helping to ensure that the chiropractic profession continues to grow.

Participate in Research

Students can learn from - and participate with - faculty members conducting independent research in the basic and clinical sciences.

Basic Sciences Department Clinical Sciences Department

Scientific Investigations

NYCC supports a dedicated group of research faculty who conduct a number of scientific investigations each year. Our 8,000 square foot state-of-the-art research facilities include the following laboratories:

All laboratories are equipped with the latest in instrument technology to extend knowledge in the following areas including:

These laboratories provide a unique opportunity for students to take part in cutting-edge research, resulting in unique achievements that can be an integral part of your professional career.

Current Research Topics Include:

Dr. Robert Walker Dr. Michael Zumpano Drs. Seva Philomin and Raj Philomin Dr. Deborah Barr Dr. Jeanmarie Burke Dr. Terry Koo Dr. Ilija Arar Dr. Paul Dougherty

Clinical Research

Student Research Programs

Students may participate in the research programs at NYCC in multiple ways –