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The Clinical Training Experience

New York Chiropractic College is the leader in natural healthcare education and training. As a student, you will benefit from a rigorous and diverse system of multidisciplinary experiences with graduated levels of patient care, combining academic and clinical components to develop your skills while promoting NYCC's mission of academic excellence, quality patient care, and professional leadership.

Under NYCC's faculty clinician-driven, patient-centered educational model of care, clinicians at each health center engage fully in both patient care and the supervision of students. How does it work? The clinician is responsible for all patient healthcare decisions (evaluation, management, and record keeping) to determine the best form of patient treatment; and you, the student, participate in the healthcare decision-making process and authorized care as directed by the clinician. The result: increased quality and continuity of care for the patient, and the opportunity for you to correlate your knowledge, refine your skills, and acquire the experience you need to build confidence and become a competent practitioner.

The NYCC Health Center Experience

During your 5th trimester, you will apply for assignment to one of New York Chiropractic College's four main health center locations, where you will begin your outpatient clinical training in your 8th trimester. Assignments are based on students' cumulative grade point averages, taking into consideration special circumstances such as residential status, employment, and dependent care.

Campus Health Center

Located in an academic building on the Seneca Falls campus, clinical training begins here in your 7th trimester as you make the transition from the didactic curriculum to an outpatient health center site. You will become familiar with health center policies and procedures while, under the guidance and supervision of a faculty clinician, you gain initial experience with patient care and management by providing complimentary chiropractic healthcare services to the student body, faculty, and staff of the College.

Outpatient Health Centers: Hubs and Spokes

The 8th, 9th, and 10th trimesters of your clinical education will take place at one of NYCC's outpatient health centers in New York state. There, you'll continue to engage in a variety of experiences under the direction of faculty practitioners. Picture a set of wheels, with the health centers as the hubs. Each has relationships with regionally affiliated, external "spoke" sites, that reach out to the community, where you'll be assigned on a rotational basis for additional, concentrated clinical experiences. These different clinical settings promote the volume and variety of patient care.

Spoke sites provide varying clinical environments, such as

Hub health center locations are:

Seneca Falls Health Center — Located on the New York Chiropractic College campus, this health center offers multidisciplinary services to the surrounding community. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine students also participate in the clinical experience.

Rochester Health Center — Located in a residential and commercial business area in Henrietta, this health center provides convenient access to the city of Rochester, Lake Ontario, and the Finger Lakes region. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine students participate in the clinical experience at this location as well.

Depew Health Center — Located in a suburb of Buffalo, this residential and business area has convenient access to Lake Erie and the Western New York region.

Levittown Health Center — This health center, located in a suburban, residential and business area on Long Island, offers convenient access to New York City and eastern Long Island.

Additional Opportunities to Enhance the Clinical Training Experience

Remote Clerkships

Affiliations with select institutions and facilities provide opportunities to spend anywhere from 4 to 12 months training at a remote location under a supervising doctor of chiropractic who, as an adjunct clinical faculty member, oversees student activities and mentors development. Interested students must meet eligibility requirements and complete the competitive application process for these honors-level opportunities.


Eligible students gain a realistic portrayal of the demands, responsibilities, and benefits of chiropractic practice by evaluating, examining, and treating patients at a private, field-based office. Preceptorship doctors are NYCC faculty members who meet participation criteria set by the College. Availability varies by state; preceptorships are not available outside of the United States.

Professional Clinical Observations

These observational opportunities during the four final weeks of the 10th trimester offer concentrated exposure to the various aspects of a field-based practice, also providing a realistic portrayal of the demands, responsibilities, and benefits of chiropractic practice. In order to be eligible, students must have completed all graduation requirements. Field doctors and offices must meet participation criteria set by the College.

Local Outreach Opportunities

NYCC is committed to serving the communities at each health center location through a variety of outreach activities. Educational presentations, informational booths at health fairs, health screenings, and sporting events are just some of the ways NYCC supports and encourages education.